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Program Descriptions

Faculty Development

Three-Tiered Program


Three Tiered Faculty Development Program


Basic Program:

The first “level” of faculty development will consist of the completion of six modules. The modules include:

  • Welcome and Orientation
  • Teaching, Learning, and Assessment
  • Knowing Your Audience: The Medical Student
  • Effective Feedback
  • Available Resources (including Library Resources, Educational Technology Resources, and Learning Resources)
  • Planning a Course or Block of Instruction

These modules can be completed in an online format or a face-to-face setting.  The modules will be updated annually and at least three new modules will be available each year.   


Intermediate Program:

The Intermediate Program will require completion of the Basic Program, and continuing attendance at other faculty development offerings. Additionally, the Intermediate Program will offer the following:

  • Education for Healthcare Professionals (EDHP) Certificate Program
  • Modeling Excellence in Teaching Program


Advanced Program:

Participation in the Advanced Program will include the completion of the Basic Program and participation in at least one component (Education for Healthcare Professionals (EDHP) Certificate Program, Medical Academic Scholars Honor Program, or Modeling Excellence in Teaching Program) of the Intermediate Program. 

At this level, mentoring, developing and offering faculty development sessions, and/or participation in educational research will be the focus. 

  • The Academy of Distinguished Medical Educators is part of the advanced program.  Academy membership is attained through nomination and honorary acceptance.    
  • In conjunction with additional components in the HSC, a Master's degree for Education for Healthcare Professionals (EDHP)