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The resources below will provide assistance in considering who you will be teaching, designing clear learning objectives, and selecting learning activities that will best achieve the objectives of the session(s).

The Audience
   - Consider Your Audience

Learning Objectives
   - Articulate Your Learning Objectives
   - Effective Use of Learning Objectives (PDF link)

Instructional Design
   - Understanding by Design (PDF link)
   - Course Design
   - ADDIE Model

   - Copyright Overview
   - Copyright (US Copyright Office)

Interactive Lectures

Below are resources to promote student interaction, tips for making lectures more effective, and tools to get students actively involved in learning.

Large Lecture Classes
    - Six Ways to Make Lectures More Manageable and Effective
    - Twenty Ways to Make Lectures More Participatory
    - Teaching Large Groups (PDF link)

Public Speaking Tips
    - How to Make Your Speaking Easier and More Effective (PDF link)

Audience Response Systems
    - Turning Point
    - Poll Everywhere

PowerPoint Tips
    - Effective Use of PowerPoint
    - Unleashing the Power of PowerPoint

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Clinical Teaching

Here you will find resources on strategies and effective teaching practices for clinical educators.

    - Teaching in the Clinical Environment
    - Strategies for Clinical Teaching
    - One-Minute Preceptor (PDF link)


The following resources will provide support in assessing students during and after the material has been taught, and developing effective test questions.

Formative Assessment
    - Types of Assessment (PDF link)
    - Formative vs. Summative Assessment
    - Examples of Formative Assessment
    - Summative Research

Additional Assessment Resources
    - Techniques for Assessing Course-Related Knowledge & Skills (PDF link)

Effective Question Writing
    - Writing Good Multiple-Choice Test Questions
    - Writing Effective Questions to Promote Learning
    - Preparing and Using Cases for Teaching

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Blogs and Listserv

The blogs and listserv resources below provide forums for sources of information in medical education, as well as scholarly activity related to research in medical education. 

Conversations with Medical Education
    - Exploring Clinical Reasoning in Novices

 Medical Education Blog
    - How Do People Learn to Do X?

DR-ED Listserv
    - DR-ED Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Teaching Resources for Health Professions Educators
    - Duke University Teaching Resources

Other Instructional Methods

The resources below provide information on interactive methods of delivering instruction, such as using articles or cases to utilize problem solving and critical thinking skills, and actively engaging students in the learning process.

Collaborative Learning
    - Implementing Collaborative Learning Groups
    - Doing CL    

Case-Based Learning
    - Cased-based Teaching and Problem-based Learning

Team-Based Learning (TBL)
    - Team-based Learning Overview
    - Duke School of Medicine Embraces Team-based Learning (Youtube)
    - Team-based Learning Collaborative

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